Short Stories and Essays

An archive of Luanne Castle's short stories and essays across various online publications. Click PUBLICATION or SHORT STORIES/ESSAYS to view either category alphabetically, or use the search bar to find a specific title.

South 85“Family History”
North Meridian Review“A Long Time from Burdick Street”
Rind Literary Magazine“The Gamemaster and the Reluctant Daughter”
Twist in Time Magazine“The Changing House"
Brevity Blog“Modeling the Artist’s Life"
The Disappointed Housewife“Multicolored”
Longridge Review“The Secret Kotex Club”
Story Shack Magazine“Parking Lot Superhero”
Crack the Spine“Small Solace”
Embodied Effigies“The Summer Etan Patz Went Missing”
Embodied Effigies“The Weight of Smoke”
Toasted Cheese“And So It Goes”
Six Hens“Boundaries”
Lunch Ticket“Nuclear Fallout”