Flash Fiction and Nonfiction

An archive of Luanne Castle's fiction and non-fiction writing across various online publications. Click PUBLICATION or FICTION/NONFICTION to view either category alphabetically, or use the search bar to find a specific title.

101 WordsSmall Battles
Microfiction MondayThis Is Why She Never Gets Anything Accomplished
South 85 JournalIncident at Shady Acres
Roi FainéantMimesis
The Dribble Drabble ReviewHistoria de La Iglesia Católica del Sagrado Corazón
Six SentencesI Got Sick of Making Excuses for Dog #586 at Paws Perfect No-Kill Shelter
Bright FlashDetective Work
Paragraph PlanetMillie’s Last Creative Dream
Scribes MicroThese Days
The Ekphrastic ReviewPriest and his Scriveners, Into the Poem, Star Porridge, Waiting for the Handsome Prince: A Farce (Of Course), The Unsilencing of Doña Juana
Bending GenresDisquieting Muses with Pets and Fruit, A Still Life
Does It Have PocketsWhy I Always Wear Red
Friday Flash FictionBed of Roses
MacQueen’s QuinterlyA Trio of Linked Micro-Stories
River TeethPatterns
Visual VerseThe Mess of Mindfulness (website redesign in progress)