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Review Tales – Interview with Luanne




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Harbor Review has published a review by Carla McGill of Rooted and Winged. You can find it here: Harbor Review: Rooted and Winged Review by Carla McGill


I am happy to announce the debut of my newest poetry collection Rooted and Winged  (Finishing Line Press, 2022).

The poems of Luanne Castle’s Rooted and Winged are embedded in land and weather. “Bluegills snap up larvae in slivers of illusory light,” she writes early in the collection, hinting at the sensibilities of the companionable speaker who will usher us through the book. 

Diane Seuss (2022, Pulitzer for poetry)

Rooted and Winged is a fitting title for this collection of poems that plant themselves in reality but often hint at the surreal.

–Karen Paul Holmes, author of No Such Thing as Distance.

Order here: https://www.finishinglinepress.com/product/rooted-and-winged-by-luanne-castle/