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“A Long Time from Burdick Street.”  Essay. North Meridian Review. Fall 2021

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Luanne Castle – Writer & Poet

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Poem at Tipton Poetry Journal: “Thank you for meeting me for coffee,” a Little Red Riding Hood poem


A Long Time from Burdick Street. North Meridian Review. Fall 2021


Luanne Castle Kin Types Eric Hoffer Award Finalist, Available on Amazon

Luanne Castle’s KIN TYPES has been named a 2018 Finalist for the Eric Hoffer Award.

Read the official press release here.

Kin Types, published in 2017 by Finishing Line Press, is a collection of lyric poetry, prose poetry, and flash prose that imaginatively retells the lives of private individuals from previous generations. Using family history research, the writer has reconstructed the stories of women and men from Michigan to Illinois to the Netherlands. Read together, the pieces create a history of women dealing with infant mortality, vanity, housewife skills, divorce, secret abortion, the artist versus mother dilemma, mysterious death, wife beating, and a brave heroine saving a family’s home.Luanne Castle Doll God

Her debut poetry collection, Doll God, winner of the 2015 New Mexico-Arizona Poetry Award, studies traces of the spirit world in human-made and natural objects–a Japanese doll, a Palo Verde tree, a hummingbird. Her exploration leads the reader between the twin poles of nature and creations of the imagination in dolls, myth, and art.

You can read excerpts from Doll God and Kin Types, as well as samples of Luanne’s other writing at Samples of Luanne’s Writing, or read her latest blog entries at