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“An Account of a Poor Oil Stove Bought off Dutch Pete,” Broad Street

“Half-Naked Woman Found Dead,” Broad Street

“The Weight of Smoke,” Broad Street (reprint with original exegesis)

“What Came Between a Woman and Her Duties,” Broad Street (reprint with original exegesis)

“Someone Else’s Story,” Broad Steet

“More Burials,” Broad Street


“Today and Today and Today,” Linden Avenue

“What Came Between a Woman and Her Duties,” Verse Daily (reprint)

“What Came Between a Woman and Her Duties,” Copper Nickel

“Cat on the Window Seat,” Katzenworld                 

“The Stuff of Claustrophobia,” Badlands Literary Journal     


“What Lies Inside,” California Journal of Poetics  

“Tennessee Valley,” Tin Lunchbox Review          

“Uncrossing the Strait of Georgia,” Tin Lunchbox Review


Advice from My Forebears,” Museum of Americana           

“The Ill-Timed Elopement,” Museum of Americana

 “Snow’s Locked Box,” Grist     

“American Girl,” Extract(s) (reprint)

“Snow Remembers An Old Tale,” Extract(s) (reprint)

“YouTube Interview of the Life-Sized Toddler Doll,” Extract(s) (reprint)


“When Your Grandfather Shows You Photographs of His Mother,” Blast Furnace Press       

Portrait,” Barnstorm Journal              

“Marriage Doll,” Wisconsin Review  

“Recipe Cards,” Wisconsin Review

“Vagrant,” TAB:The Journal of Poetry & Poetics     


“Waking Up,” A Narrow Fellow         

“Vintage Doll Buggy,” The Antigonish Review     

 “Sharing Notes about Our Fifth Grade Field Trip,” South Florida Arts                 

“A Bone Elegy,” South Florida Arts

“Calculating Loss,” A Clean, Well-Lighted Place

“From Both Sides,” A Clean, Well-Lighted Place

2012 and before

“Seasons,” Poetic Medicine

“Prospective Ghost’s Response to the First Duino Elegy,” Redheaded Stepchild

Booth Made Footprints in Texas after Escaping the Burning Barn,” Front Range

Focus,” Glass Poetry Press      

“Underwater Sisters,” Prairie Wolf Press  

“What We See of the Ocean,” Visions

“Serotonin,” The Black Boot           

“Laughing Babies,” The Black Boot

“Wal-mart Poem,” The Black Boot

“Paradox,” Ducts

“One More Time on the Ortega,” The MacGuffin

“Pearl Diving Off Mikura Jima,” 13th Moon

“Hemmed In,” 13th Moon