What’s New

In 2019 online publications have published Luanne’s new poems and reprints. The titles are links so click away, if you like.


Poem in OJAL: Waterland

Poem in OJAL: Eurydice

Poem in OJAL: Imagine This Portrait

Poem at Nine Muses Poetry: Tuesday Afternoon at Magpie’s Grill

Poem at Red River Review: Why We Wait for Rain

Poem at The American Journal of Poetry: How to Create a Family Myth


Poem at Moms on Poetry: Tricks from DOLL GOD

Poem at The Ekphrastic Review: Debris from DOLL GOD

Poem at The Ekphrastic Review: Fishing from DOLL GOD

Poems at Defuncted: Laughing Babies, Super Nova, A Bone Elegy, Sharing Notes about Our Fifth Grade Field Trip from DOLL GOD and The Black Boot

Poem at Defuncted: Serotonin from The Black Boot



Luanne Castle’s short memoir, “The Secret Kotex Club,” was nominated for a Pushcart Prize by Longridge Review in November 2018

Follow this link to a list of other nominees and a link to “The Secret Kotex Club”:

Our 2018 Pushcart Prize Nominees




Luanne Castle Kin Types Eric Hoffer Award Finalist 2018

Kin Types is named a 2018 Eric Hoffer Award Finalist

Read the announcement at http://www.HofferAward.com/.


The book trailer for KIN TYPES is out:


Preorder Luanne Castle's Kin Types

Luanne’s chapbook Kin Types is now available for pre-order at Finishing Line Press. 


The Doll Collection

Check out the beautiful new poetry anthology The Doll Collection, edited by Diane Lockward and published by Terrapin Press. See Luanne’s poem “Marriage Doll” alongside poems written by many other poets that include Chana Bloch, Alice Friman, Lee Upton, Kelly Cherry, and Jeffrey Harrison.


For the month of September 2015, Luanne is participating in the Tupelo Press 30/30 Project, a fundraising project. She has committed to writing 30 poems in 30 days. Check out the daily contributions of Luanne and other poets here.